11-year-old piano prodigy gifted $15,000 grand piano after stranger hears him play

If, like us, you're currently suffering from a minor case of the post-holiday blues, we strongly recommend you take two minutes out of your Tuesday morning to view the video above. 

This heartwarming segment on CBS News tells the story of Jude Kofie, an 11-year-old autistic boy from Aurora, Colorado with an extraordinary talent. The story begins eighteen months ago, when Jude's father, Isaiah, heard sounds emerging from the basement of their family home. Isaiah knew that they kept an old keyboard down there, but to his knowledge, none of the family members - including Jude - knew how to play. Nobody had ever had a piano lesson, or been taught a single note of music theory.

Much to Isaiah's surprise, he discovered Jude happily playing the keyboard in the basement. Not just messing around, but competently hammering away improvised chords, melodies and solos that he'd never been taught before. Isaiah quickly realized Jude was in possession of an impressive natural aptitude for the instrument, and had figured out how to play exceptionally well all by himself. Jude's father soon purchased a larger keyboard for his son, and before long, the boy's skills were improving rapidly, and he could pick up almost anything by ear. 

Pretty impressive, right? The feels don't end there. Upon hearing about Jude's extraordinary abilities from a local news story, piano tuner Bill Magnusson was inspired to commit a remarkable act of generosity. Without warning, a $15,000 grand piano arrived at the Kofies' home, paid for entirely by Bill himself. Stunned by Jude's talent, Bill had paid for the piano out of a sum recently inherited from his father, offering in addition to tune the piano once a month for as long as he was able to, while paying for professional lessons to hone Jude's skills. 

Bill was moved to make this generous donation not only by Jude's musical ability, but by the family's inspiring story of perseverance. Years before, the Kofies had immigrated to the US from Ghana, and were working hard to raise Jude and three other children while sending money back home to their extended family. "What resources are left over to help this special little soul?", Bill asked, moved to tears by the interview. "We're family now", he continued. 

When asked if Jude's talent was special, Bill replied: "it's beyond special. He's Mozart-level. It's coming from somewhere beyond." Jude himself seems to agree. After being asked where his abilities had come from, he told the reporter, "it's a miracle!". We'll leave it to you to decide whether Jude's musical aptitude is heaven-sent, but one thing's for sure: this astonishing act of kindness and generosity is nothing short of miraculous. 

Jude now performs as part of the band at his local church, and uploads performances to his own YouTube channel.

Watch Jude appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show below.


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