Paul Gilbert played every instrument on his new album – hear the first single

Paul Gilbert is in the elite section of guitar players that have their owned cordoned off section of Mount Guitar Olympus with a private ambrosia shots bar. But just like Prince, he's also a multi-instrumentalist and has proved it by tracking every instrument on his new album, Werewolves Of Portland.

First single Argument About Pie is a tasty preview of the goodness to come when the album is released on June 4. Gilbert plays guitar, bass, drums and piano on the track. He even does all the drawings in the video because… he's Paul Gilbert!  

You can preorder Werewolves Of Portland here and if you recognise some of the new track it might because Paul can be heard playing some of it and explaining its inspiration at the 12:25 mark in the great interview with JHS's Josh Smith above from last year. And you'll notice it originally had a vocal melody that Gilbert transposed to a guitar melody.  

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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