Noiiz: World's First Unlimited Samples & Presets Downloads + Cloud-Connected Plugin

Noiiz becomes the first sample pack developer to offer an all-you-can-eat unlimited downloads service, plus cloud connected access to their entire library through a plugin.

Noiiz are disrupting the music production industry with their Netflix-like pricing model, based around an extensive library of royalty free samples and presets content. Users can now get unlimited samples and presets downloads for a yearly fee of $99 (equal to $8.25 per month), giving unrivalled access to over $10,000's worth of content if purchased separately. 

Users can download the content through their website, or through a new cloud-connected plugin that enables them to browse samples hosted on Noiiz, in time and in key with their music, then drag and drop into their DAW. 

Moving away from the 'pay per sample' model

As other industries move away from the 'pay per product' business model and offer users unlimited access to much larger amounts of content, the music industry has been somewhat slow to adapt. Noiiz are changing that with their unlimited model, which has so far proven disruptive, albeit providing a better deal for the user. 

A new workflow - connect with the cloud from your DAW

Noiiz's pioneering new plugin, which allows you to connect with their library right from your project, has big workflow implications for music producers. Previously, samples needed to be searched for, purchased, downloaded, organised, browsed and time-stretched/pitched before they could be demoed with an existing piece of music. Now, with the Noiiz Plugin, you can search within your DAW, click on a sound and it will automatically play back in time and in key with your music. 

Keep what you download if you cancel

Noiiz is a subscription service, with monthly and yearly plans available, however they differ to many in that the content you download is yours to keep forever, even if you cancel your subscription. This essentially means you can sign up to the yearly plan, download all the content available and if you like, cancel your account. Noiiz have stated they are committed to providing regular new content in an attempt to entice users to stay on, but there is no obligation to do so.

Noiiz are currently offering a 15 day free trial, which includes 1GB of free samples. Find out more at