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Never miss a perfect take with the last microphone you’ll ever need

Capturing quality audio at a moment's notice isn’t easy. Not all of us are blessed with acres of studio space and the time to get those ideas down and onto tape. Sometimes you just need to be able to capture a moment in time that can never be repeated. 

One scenario that we and many others have encountered is capturing those live recordings during moments of sheer serendipity, but are often frustrated at the results. Often during a rehearsal the stars align to form the perfect jam, one that cannot be replicated in the studio. What if you could have captured that all-elusive vibe perfectly and at a quality worthy of the finished article? Having the right gear at the right time is key for such eventualities.

At the heart of any travelling musician’s, mobile producer’s or all-round audio creator’s recording arsenal is the microphone and for many it’s a personal item that has been chosen very carefully for its characteristics. After this, a good mic preamp and audio interface are needed and already you're looking at transporting more gear than you would prefer.

In an ideal situation we would have mics and preamps for all occasions and the road crew to carry them. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to own a range of microphones for multiple recording situations (not to mention a crew of engineers) and so settle on purchasing one microphone that can be used in different recording situations. However, this often results in making concessions in quality. Too often a microphone that touts itself as an all-rounder will be lacking in character. Something that can't be said for Antelope Audio's newest mic.

Antelope Audio Axino Synergy Core

(Image credit: Antelope Audio)

Antelope Audio has released its smallest and most versatile Synergy Core-enabled hardware yet, in the form of the compact, all-in-one microphone/audio interface, the Axino Synergy Core.

The microphone is ideal for beginners and pros alike, whether you’re a travelling musician, streamer, podcaster or producer. With its flexibility at capturing both vocals and instrument, the Axino Synergy Core handles most recording situations you throw at it with aplomb.

Unlike most USB-enabled microphone and audio interface combos, the Axino Synergy Core features a microphone modelling engine that comes complete with 18 microphones emulations onboard, including such classics as the Neumann U87, AKG D112 and Shure SM7B. 

This powerful studio essential is also packed with 10 real-time analogue-modelled effects that come included, but also allows you access to over 80 expansions available from Antelope Audio. On top of that, it features 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA conversion, powered by 64-bit AFC clocking technology. This is the same technology that ensured the kind of audio quality that set apart the company's famed master clocks.

Little big mic

At the centre of it all is the Axino Synergy Core condenser microphone. The capsule itself features a large, gold-spluttered diaphragm that delivers low noise to deliver clear and pristine recordings every time. The cardioid directional pattern provides minimal background noise, ideal for nearly all recording scenarios where focus on one sound source is required and sound quality is further ensured by the built-in preamp which features the same studio-grade technology found in Antelope Audio’s other audio interfaces.

Users can either capture transparent recordings with the hardware alone, or opt for one of the 18 microphone emulations which include anything from classic dynamic mics, to more obscure tube-driven rarities of yesteryear. Such flexibility is what makes the Axino Synergy Core stand out from the crowd. Better still, with the aid of iLok 2 or 3, you can run the emulations natively in your DAW. Which makes the Axino an ideal choice for anyone on the go. All you need is your laptop and the mic to quickly record anywhere at a moment’s notice.

The hardware itself is easy to use and has handy control for gain, headphone level, plus a  -10 dB pad and high-pass switch. Coupled with the software control centre for settings, signal routing and effects processing, the Axino Synergy Core has all the tools you need for any recording scenario.

The Axino Synergy Core is available now for €399 and more information can be found on the Antelope Audio website.