NAMM 2024: Are Mooer Audio's X2 Tender Octaver and Harmony pedals pitch-perfect?

(Image credit: Mooer)

NAMM 2024: Mooer's X2 series of pedals has seen the Chinese brand up its game on the features side when it comes to compact stomboxes. The new Tender Octaver and Harmony X2 are no exception – polyphonic pitch-shifting pedals that are the continuation of successful models elsewhere in its pedal lines.

The Mooer Harmony X2 offers 12 pitches with major and minor scales, plus selectable intervals including thirds, fifths, sevenths, and octaves.

Stereo rig users can rejoice here: the X2 can run independent stereo harmonies via left and right output with independent volumes. The 1/4" outputs can also run individual or stereo mixed modes too. 

The controls here look intuitive with onboard presets and a Save button to store your favourite sounds quickly. The X2 Harmony's Dry control allows players to determine the intensity of the effect in the mix.


The Tender Octaver is demoed above and follows on from Mooer's Pure and Purer octave pedals. The new X2 pedal focuses on octave shifting rather than the semi-tones of the other pedals. 

Players can select between two different octave shift modes, with dedicated controls for the volume of the added octave, and fine-tuning its tonal character. These can also be used to dial in more subtle effects with the Direct control adjusting the dry signal level. The two modes can be used independently or simultaneously via the footswitches so players can experiment with pushing their sound into new realms. 

With 14 preset slots you can recall your range of octave settings too.

Check out these two new pedals at Mooer Audio

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