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NAMM 2019: Red Witch’s Fuzz God III packs 64 fuzz combinations into one mini pedal

NAMM 2019: It’s been a little while since we last saw something new from New Zealand’s Red Witch, but it’s back with a bang: the newly announced Fuzz God III packs 64 different fuzz sounds in one mini-pedal enclosure.

The follow-up to the Fuzz God II, the III features controls for fuzz, volume and sputter (aka gating), while the inside packs a six-way DIP switch: 1 to 2 control gain arrays; 3 to 6 adjust tonal structures.

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Based around a silicon transistor, the circuit also features BC109B and BC109C transistors, and promises tones from early Stones and Hendrix to modern high-gain.

Red Witch is so proud of it, the company is dubbing the Fuzz God III “the most versatile, compact and affordable high-end fuzz pedal ever made”.

Big talk, but it sure packs a lot of sounds. The Fuzz God III is available now from Red Witch Pedals with a price tag of $129 for the first 100 hand-signed units; after that, each one’ll set you back $139.

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