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NAMM 2019: Control any MIDI device from your guitar with Noatronic’s Onboard Expression

NAMM 2019: Danish newcomer Noatronic wants guitarists to break free from their pedalboards as it launches the Onboard Expression, a potentiometer that can be fitted to any guitar and control any expression, switch or MIDI-compatible device.

The system consists of a small controller and a receiver, which connects up to the guitar.

Noatronic’s tech allows the control and audio signal to be transmitted from a single TRS cable, while the guitar signal is kept free of the control line to maintain audio integrity.

No battery is required in the guitar, while the guitar signal is directly bypassed inside the receiver.

The device has already proved popular with Guitarist of the Year finalist Stig Trip, who demonstrates it in the video above.

There’s no price announced for this one yet, but we’re intrigued to see how it develops. See Noatronic for more info.

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