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NAMM 2018: Phil X pulls no punches with LAA-Custom F**k Jazz Overdrive pedal

NAMM 2018: Phil X never holds back when it comes to playing and the same goes for naming pedals, it seems, as he unveils his signature dirt pedal, designed with Italy’s LAA-Custom: the Fuck Jazz Overdrive.

Officially released at NAMM, the Bon Jovi man’s FJOD - let’s call it that out of politeness - promises enough gain to get a big crunch sound on any clean amp, while its custom two-EQ circuit fine-tunes the overall response without altering mids or cutting low-end.

There’s also a Shitty/Great Amps selector switch, although we’re not entirely sure what that does just yet. Depends on what you think of your amp, we guess.

The FJ utilises LAA-Custom’s TrueCoil technology, a miniaturised output transformer and Class A driver to “achieve the magical tone, feeling and colour of best studios and iconic studio mic preamps”.

If you’re a Phil X fan, you’d best get in quick: the first 100 units will be hand-signed by the man himself. The FJOD is available from January for €239/$269 - head over to LAA-Custom for more info.

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