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Mythos Pedals announces Positron Collider Fuzz

Just in time for Halloween, Mythos Pedals has unveiled the Positron Collider Fuzz, inspired by - you guessed it - Ghostbusters.

Based around a highly modified Ram’s Head Muff circuit, the Positron Collider promises a wide variety of tones for guitar and bass, courtesy of a treble and bass tone stack and diode clipping switch that swaps between silicon and LED clipping.

A Focus control sets output, while Intensity adjusts gain; a small white LED dynamically pulses as you play.

And that Total Protonic Reversal footswitch? Why, that bypasses the tone stack for a more full-range voicing.

The Positron Collider Fuzz is a hand-assembled limited-edition, available for $279 over at Mythos Pedals.

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