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MXR heralds the release of the Dookie Drive Pedal with Billie Joe Armstrong demo

MXR has officially released the Dookie Drive Pedal, which aims to capture the sound of Billie Joe Armstrong’s amps on Green Day’s iconic Dookie album, with a demo from the man himself.

In the demo, Billie Joe shares the recording secrets behind the record, as well as demonstrating the tones available from the distortion pedal.

MXR Dookie Drive Pedal

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

MXR borrowed Billie Joe’s original modded Marshall Plexi heads to capture the guitarist’s sound, which showcased a combination of the mid-scooped and mid-heavy amps.

The pedal offers the ability to blend between the two tones, with additional scoop control via a push-button.

MXR’s Dookie Drive Pedal is available this summer for $189/£219. See Jim Dunlop Guitar Products for more.

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