Mooer at Gear Expo Summer 2022: Continuous innovation

Mooer GTRS Intelligent Guitar

GEAR EXPO SUMMER 2022: The GTRS Professional 800 (P800) model is the premium version of the Standard 800 (S800) featuring all the base features of the Standard 800, such as GTRS Intelligent Processor System, but also with upgraded hardware and pickup options you would expect in a premium guitar.

The P800 is constructed with an American alder wood body, Canadian roasted flame maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 22 medium stainless-steel frets, GTRS 18:1 locking tuners, and a Wilkinson VS 50 II bridge. Pickups are also upgraded with the GTRS SCN-1N/M Hum-cancelling pickup and a GTRS HM-1B Humbucker pickup. The first wave of P800s will have 6 different versions to choose from: Tiffany Blue, Olympic White, Mint Green, Flamingo Pink, Fiesta Red, Dark Night.

Turn on the GTRS Super Knob and use the dedicated App on your android or iOS smartphone/ tablet to control the GTRS. The GTRS App features 126 guitar effects, tuner, 40 drum machines, 10 metronomes, an 80-second looper, USB-OTG recording, and MOOER Cloud sharing.

Apart from connecting to guitar amplifiers, the GTRS guitar can also work with headphones, mixers, or studio monitors directly. With the Super Knob or GWF-4 footswitch, users can enjoy practice, teaching, performance, direct recording via OTG, or live streaming audio/ video.

A high-capacity lithium battery allows users to play without battery anxiety and enjoy GTRS anytime, anywhere.

Mooer PRIME P1 Intelligent Pedal

Say goodbye to bulky effects pedals and clunky power supplies, the Prime P1 fits comfortably in your pocket and provides an input and output jack, headphone out, and USB charging port that also doubles as a USB-OTG port for recording directly to a mobile device. Preset selection and volume control is handled by a single clickable knob on the front of the P1 for a simple user interface and quick effect selection.

Users can download the Prime App which is available for Android and iOS devices and is completely free. Simply download the app and pair it with your Prime P1 to customise your own presets and load up to 4 tones (A/B/C/D) simultaneously. The mobile app also includes common guitar tools such as a metronome, tuner, drum machine, and looper. The firmware at launch is designed to be used with bass guitar and electric guitar. MOOER plans to update the firmware in the future to support other instruments like acoustic guitar. You can follow MOOER on all social media platforms for the latest news regarding software updates.

The Prime P1 also supports MOOER’s F-series wireless footswitches which can be paired via Bluetooth for hands-free preset switching. To learn more, visit or look for upcoming demos on MOOER’s YouTube channel.


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