MayFly Audio Systems releases the My Evil Twin – a delay pedal with a twist

MayFly Audio Systems My Evil Twin
(Image credit: MayFly Audio Systems)

Launching a line of hand-built guitar effects pedals and loudspeakers may not have been the first thing on everybody’s agenda during the 2020 pandemic, but with many firms reporting record sales from the lockdown period it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Case in point: in 2020, Ottawa-based musician and electronics engineer Trevor May officially launched MayFly Audio Systems.

Led by May – whose long career extends into audio, video, acoustics, CAD, telephony, mechanical and chip design – the Canadian firm prides itself on its bottom-up approach to design.

Joining MayFly’s current range of stompboxes – comprising the Sketchy Zebra phaser, Open Window overdrive, Dirty Window distortion and Bytown Boost – is the new modulation-equipped My Evil Twin delay.

MayFly Audio Systems My Evil Twin

(Image credit: MayFly Audio Systems)

Housed in a cast aluminium enclosure and sporting some eye-catching artwork, the My Evil Twin, is solidly built and carries a lifetime warranty.

Offering up to one second of delay time (more than enough for most applications) repeats can be dialled in from one to infinity, while a tone control allows users to EQ the sound of the echoes.

Along with a mix knob, having a means of adjusting the brightness of the delay repeats provides significantly greater scope and extends the usefulness of such pedals.

But the My Evil Twin’s pièce de resistance is its ability to modulate the delay signal, creating even greater depth and richness of sound.

Reminiscent of the chorusing caused by the wow and flutter of tape echo units, this footswitchable pitch-shifting modulation is controlled via the unit’s speed and intensity knobs and according to MayFly ranges from a “subtle warble” to “full on-chaos.”

For more information visit MayFly Audio Systems.

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