Mateus Asato is posting his incredible guitar videos again: and this time it's an instrumental take on a Beatles classic

When supremely gifted guitarist Mateus Asato announced he was talking a break from music and closed his Instagram account in early 2021, we wondered when and how he'd return. Well, the good news is he's back with a relative flurry of activity.

Following a performance of his new composition The Cure late last year posted to YouTube, and an instrumental take on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, he's back with a beautiful version of one of the Beatles' all-time greatest compositions, In My Life on his Mayones Legend T22 model. 

I feel great after this time off - and I hope my music could transmit that at its purest

When Asato posted his original instrumental The Cure late last year, the guitarist took a moment to reflect on returning from his time away. "Thank you so much for the love and welcoming words," he began. "After all this time being away, I decided to show a little bit of what I've been working recently. 

"I made this song two months ago and it became inevitable to share it with you - it is still very simple but I was made with true feelings. I don't wanna be the one who keeps saying 'I can't wait to show my new music' or 'new album coming 2022' but I just wanna say that I've been in a good place, happy with most of things I've learned this past year. 

"Keeping it up with the essence of 'why I make music' could be hard and it faces brutal vulnerability, especially during these weird season we live now. But I feel great after this time off - and I hope my music could transmit that at its purest. Thank you so much once again for staying with me in this virtual platform. I will see you soon, hopefully sooner than we expect."

We're glad to see him back! 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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