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Lauren Hibbard on the Marshall Origin 50: "It's my perfect amp for rock music"

If you're a guitarist who wants their valve amp to be flexible for home, gigs and using with their pedalboard, the Marshall Origin 50 presents a great solution.

Distilling decades of Marshall Amplification's expertise into its superlative tones for indie, blues, rock and pop, the Origin 50 also presents incredible value as a versatile head or amp combo. 


(Image credit: Marshall)

It's a really simple amp to use

Lauren Hibbard

“With me being very pedal driven I feel that the Origin really complements a guitarist who uses a lot of pedals," explains UK singer-songwriter Lauren Hibbard. "It's a really simple amp to use. My Origin 50 is perfect for big festivals and anywhere that we're touring. I’ve always got enough in there, I never have to be like, ‘oh I need a bigger amp’. I feel like it’s everything I'll ever need until I start stacking them up one on top of another."

The Origin's ability to cover a wide range of headroom needs is thanks to a three-stage power staging switch that allows players to power down to 25W or 12.5W. Wherever you play you'll be able to push the Origin 50 for the best valve tones, even at lower volumes. 


(Image credit: Marshall )

I think it even gives my pedals a certain clarity

Lauren Hibbard

The Origin 50's single-channel design incorporates impressive depth with a footswitchable Gain Boost circuit. Elsewhere, the Tilt Tone Control allows for blending between classic British rock voicings and more contemporary US hard-rock character, but the Origin 50 also present a great foundation for your own palette of pedal drive tones.  

"I think it's perfect for all these crunchy fuzz pedals that I use," says Lauren. "I think it even gives my pedals a certain clarity. I'm just over the moon. It's basically my perfect amp for rock music. You couldn't get a better match for the kind of music I want to play.”

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