"I genuinely like that kind of music": Margot Robbie stands firm on Slipknot and heavy metal

Bonafide Hollywood star Margot Robbie stood her ground on Graham Norton's primetime UK chat show this weekend, confirming her ongoing love of heavy metal in the face of some gentle teasing from the show's host and fellow guests, and recalling her 'unexpected' experiences at a Slipknot concert.

I've never had more people come up to me, ever, than at a Slipknot concert.., they were so invested in Neighbours and Slipknot

Margot Robbie

Talking about her youth, the Australian actress said: "I don't know if I was a full goth. 

"Very emo though, and I listened to, like, only heavy metal music. I would dye my hair black and only cut it with a razor blade. So yeah, kinda goth."

"I still genuinely like it," the ex-Neighbours, now strictly Hollywood A-list star insisted in the face of some hopefully good-humoured teasing from co-guest Cate Blanchett who asked "Does anyone like heavy metal music? Is that something you genuinely like? Do you like monster trucks and things like that?" 

"I remember going to a Slipknot concert, and at the time I was on Neighbours. I've never had more people come up to me, ever, than at a Slipknot concert.

"It was so unexpected. And they worried about all the characters. They were so invested in Neighbours and Slipknot."

Will Groves

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