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Malekko’s Downer pedal will turn your guitar into a raging fuzz synth

Malekko has released the Downer wavefolder/saturation/octave/filter pedal - and it sounds like one seriously awesome fuzz synth machine.

The Downer pitch-shifts down to one octave, while high- and low-pass filters make for massive tonal sweeps, especially when you add an external expression pedal.

Six controls are onboard, with the preamp dial driving the wavefolding/saturation from subtle to extreme, while the blend knob adjusts the dry/octave mix.

Judging from the demo above, this one will be a big hit for fans of gnarly guitar tones à la Trent Reznor and St Vincent.

The Downer is available to order now for $189 from Malekko Heavy Industry.

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