Mad Professor promises their new Green Wonder overdrive is the “ultimate green pedal!”

Mad Professor Amplification The Green Wonder
(Image credit: Mad Professor Amplification)

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Finland’s Mad Professor Amplification has achieved an enviable reputation the world over for building professional-level guitar amps and effects pedals.

With a broad range of effects covering the basics, head honcho Harry Koski told Guitarist, “We make our pedals without too many knobs and switches.

“I like pedals that do certain things really well, rather than 100 things not so well."

Mad Professor’s latest offering is the Green Wonder – a revised version of the popular Little Green Wonder overdrive pedal.

“It’s our take on the ultimate green pedal!” says Koski.

Mad Professor Amplification The Green Wonder

(Image credit: Mad Professor Amplification)

Touted as the “ultimate high headroom overdrive/booster pedal,” the Green Wonder has been designed to sound equally as good with single coil and humbucking pickups.

Voiced with a characteristic midrange hump, this flexible stompbox is intended to be used with a range of different electric guitar amps, whether clean, overdriven or heavily distorted.

Ideal for gain stacking with other pedals or for use as a clean boost, the Green Wonder is easily capable of overdriving the front end of a tube amp into natural breakup.

Mad Professor Amplification The Green Wonder

(Image credit: Mad Professor Amplification)

So, what makes the Green Wonder different from its much-loved predecessor, the Little Green Wonder?

Whereas the latter has three knobs (labelled Volume, Drive and Body), the new version of the pedal has been endowed with four knobs, including a more comprehensive EQ section labelled Bass and Treble (in addition to Volume and Drive).

Mad Professor were keen to point out that the Green Wonder now has a wider range of tones, “but no bad ones!”

The expanded EQ knobs allow the player to accurately dial in low and high frequencies, from gentle cuts to a hefty boost, thus allowing greater flexibility and potential for use.

With versatility in mind, Mad Professor’s improved low compression, high headroom, high output overdrive is now due to hit the shelves by the end of October.

Visit Mad Professor for more information.

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