Looking for a new audio interface? Focusrite might have just what you’re after with the latest Clarett USB range

Think the most prized possession in your studio is that vintage hardware polysynth? Think again! If you take a look at your production setup right now, we’d wager that if we were to take your audio interface away, you’d be stumped.

The audio interface is the lynchpin of every studio, but is your interface serving your every need and is it time for an upgrade?

When it comes to making a new purchase, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best sound quality possible, with enough ins and outs to both sate and future-proof your studio setup.

This is exactly where Focusrite’s latest update to the Clarett range comes in, as they’re capable of challenging similar products that cost twice as much. These new USB-powered interfaces feature the same pristine preamps that we loved from the Thunderbolt-enabled range:

“Superb preamps… the sound quality produced across all eight analogue channels is beautiful.”

MusicRadar Clarett 8Pre Review Oct 2015 

“The immediate appeal of the Clarett 2Pre lies in its ease of use… and excellent sound. The mic preamps are as clean and quiet as you'd expect from Focusrite… gorgeous-sounding”

MusicRadar Clarett 2Pre Review Jan 2016

We weren’t the only ones to be wowed by the quality, as this blind test shows; pitted against two other similar products, the Focusrite came out on top.

Holier than thou

When it comes to I/O, every member of the Clarett range has you covered. While the 2Pre USB may seem like it would be light on ports, the diminutive little box features a whopping 10 inputs and four outputs.

Taking things a step further are the 4Pre USB and 8Pre USB add mic/line inputs, S/PDIF I/O and two headphone outputs with volume controls (18-in/8-out and 18-in/20-out respectively). 

If that isn’t enough to float your boat then consider the bundled software. With offerings from XLN Audio, Softube, Ableton, Loopmasters and Focusrite itself, you have a very attractive package on your hands indeed.

Of course, it’s all about the bottom line, so let’s talk business; the Clarett 2Pre USB will set you back a very respectable $399.99/£369.99; Clarett 4Pre USB comes in at $599.99/£549.99; while the Clarett 8Pre USB tops out the range at $799.99/£739.99.

We’ll have a review of the Clarett 4Pre on MusicRadar very soon, so be sure to check back soon.