Looking for a Dynamic Audio Grinder distortion pedal? Earthquaker Devices has good news for you with its Zoar

Earthquaker Devices Zoar pedal
(Image credit: Earthquaker Devices)

As we approach the back end of 2023 the pedal releases are showing no signs of slowing – who's buying this stuff? Guitarists and bassists for starters, because we just can't get enough. Now we have to decide whether we've been waiting for a medium-high gain discrete transistor-based distortion pedal that offers touch-sensitive amp-like tone. Because if we are, the Earthquaker devices Zoar Dynamic Audio Grinder looks like it's going to be a doozy.

Earthquaker promises old-school circuitry with hi-fi modern-sounding distortion and the tightness of an overdrive to low-medium gain fuzz. That makes it sound versatile to us and that means more easily justified as a purchase!

You get to hear how its three-band EQ affects the versatility of the tone-shaping in the demo above – as well as the effects of 9- and 18-volt power on the pedal.  Earthquaker has snuck in bass demos as part of it for all your low-enders too. 

Earthquaker Devices Zoar is $129/£129 and available from Sweetwater and Andertons

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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