Learn how to use Add9 arpeggios in your playing with this guitar lesson

Add9 guitar arpeggios are a great way to create compelling lead runs in different genres and situations, whether minor or major and in different scales.  In this tutorial, guitar instructor and Elixir® Strings  artist Micky Crystal shows you how to integrate them into your playing.

The concepts Micky teaches here are adaptable for all guitarists and in this step-by-step lesson he shows you exactly what an Add9 arpeggio is and the ways it can be used in different chord progressions and scales. 

Micky uses a Gibson R7 Les Paul fitted with Elixir® Strings with Optiweb® coating. 

"I use Elixir® Optiweb® Strings everywhere I go," says Micky, "from the stage, studio to the practice room. They sound amazing, feel great and last a long time. Elixir® Strings are the best!"

(Image credit: Elixir® Strings)

Micky Crystal's work as a guitar instructor includes Jam Track Central, Academy of Music and Sound, Yamaha Music School and various UK colleges and universities. 

He is also a former guitarist for Tygers Of Pan Tang, writing and recording two studio albums with the band. As a touring guitarist he has performed with musicians including Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal and Marco Mendoza. 

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