Laney at Gear Expo 2023: meet the Ironheart Loudpedal, a surprisingly affordable, two-channel 60W amp in a stompbox

Laney Ironheart Loudpedal
(Image credit: Laney)

GEAR EXPO 2023: Forged deep in the Black Country, IRONHEART was first released in 2011 with the powerful IRT120H and IRT60H heads. These amps made an immediate impact, delivering the aggressive and dynamic tube tone that quickly became the choice for bands such as Killswitch Engage, The Prodigy and Good Charlotte. 

Taking the essence of the now critically acclaimed IRONHEART sound, the IRONHEART FOUNDRY series serves this up in compact, portable solutions suitable for today’s gigging and touring players.



The LOUDPEDAL is designed to be the tone engine of a flexible pedalboard setup. A true 60 watt Ironheart amplifier, flat on the floor.

Laney Ironheart Loudpedal

(Image credit: Laney)


Featuring two independent channels:
• Channel 1 – with selectable Clean/Rhythm/Lead gain modes.
• Channel 2 – with selectable Bright, Natural and dark voicings.


The Ironheart Foundry Series LOUDPEDAL features a footswitchable Boost, a 3-band passive EQ, an FX loop and a high-quality speaker emulated XLR out. Al this and more on your pedal board in a compact package no bigger than a double pedal.

The LOUDPEDAL can be used direct to a cabinet, or as a boost/drive/distortion pedal, as a practice/warm up device, as a recording amp and as a live rig.

Other features include

• A transformer-isolated high-quality effect loop
• 3 band passive tone stack
• Footswitchable boost.

Laney Ironheart Loudpedal

(Image credit: Laney)

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