Laney Amplification at VGS 2020

(Image credit: Laney)

VGS 2020: Laney is one of the longest established amplification manufacturers in the world, and is still owned and run by the Laney family in the UK, as it has been since its inception in 1967. 

Laney is played by some of the world’s best guitar players, and offers a huge range of products – from cutting edge, Tube-USB technology to handcrafted, boutique amplifiers.

Established in the late 1960s by Lyndon Laney – Bass player for Robert Plant’s Band Of Joy – Laney amplifiers really announced their arrive on the scene via Tony Iommi, as Iommi's use of the thunderous Laney LA100 with Black Sabbath created heavy metal. 

Over 50 years, the brand and product line grew to include a full range of tube amplifiers, dedicated to every playing style and genre, and designed under the guidance of Lyndon and subsequently James Laney, Laney's current CEO. 

The Laney brand is known, distributed and played the world over, and is synonymous with a long lineage of the world’s best guitar players. 

Legends such as Iommi, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons are joined by a new breed of players, with the likes of Tom Quayle, Lari Basilio, Martin Miller, Alex Hutchings, Jack Thammarat and many more, all choosing Laney amps as their backline.


The LFR-212 is an 800 Watt Powered Cabinet, meticulously designed for players who use digital rigs; profiling amps and rack-mounted units such as the Kemper Profiler and Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx, plus multi-effects and amp modelling units from the likes of Boss and Line 6. 

Affordable and durable, the LFR-212 is widely acknowledged as the go-to choice for modern players who enjoy the flexibility of a digital rig but want to retain an authentic feel and monitoring capability when playing live.

Black Country Customs Pedals

The Black Country Customs Pedals are lovingly designed and handcrafted in Laney's UK Custom Shop. 

The range has expanded to include: The Secret Path Reverb, The Monolith - Distortion, the Steelpark Boost, and the Spiral Array chorus. 

All feature stunning, classy looks, triple-mode functionality, top-quality components and rock-solid durability. They offer boutique quality at an affordable price, and are used by players such as Andy Timmons, Phil X of Bon Jovi and many more.


Pure. Tube. Tone. That's what the CUB-SUPER range is all about. They are boutique, low-wattage amplifiers with stunning looks and tone, and have received rave reviews from the likes of Guitarist Magazine.


Following the hugely successful Laney MINI amp range, the MINISTACK is a compact 4x12-style version of two classic Laney designs, the Lionheart and Ironheart. 

Both feature two channels, EQ, a tape-style delay, and the capability to connect your favourite streaming apps via the Laney Smartphone Insert. 

The MINISTACKS allow you to choose from over a thousand famous guitar and bass tones from Tonebridge, so you can play along to backing tracks and follow the tab as you go!