KMA Machines unveils Queequeg 2 Sub Generator

Pitch-based effects pedals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with polyphonic tracking capabilities, intelligent harmony production and more. But what if you just want the simplicity of a good old analogue sub-octave pedal?


(Image credit: KMA Machines)

Well, KMA Machines has announced an update to its Queequeg Sub Generator, with the Queequeg 2. Equipped with a new, additional sub-octave and a jazzed-up facelift, the Queequeg 2 (borrowing its name from the Moby Dick character) builds on its predecessor's single sub-octave range, giving you minus-one and minus-two octaves below your original signal. 

The octaves are selected via a mini-toggle, which can give you either sub-octave individually, or both at once for bowel-bothering three-octave (including your dry signal) unison lines.

Your sub-octave divisions are dialled-in via the single-knob mix control, allowing you to adjust the blend between your original signal and the generated octaves, and thanks to the multi-coloured LED you'll be able to see at-a-glance which mode you have activated.

The KMA Machines Queequeg 2 is handmade in Germany, and powered by a standard 9-volt, centre-negative power supply. It's available now priced at £129.

Stuart Williams

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