Klone pedal comparison: Ceriatone Centura Vs Wampler Tumnus Vs Warm Audio Centavo

Klone pedals
(Image credit: Future)

While we had the Warm Audio Centavo pedal in for review, we thought it was a good opportunity to compare it side by side with our own Wampler Tumnus and call in a Ceriatone Centura from our friends at Andertons. Three of the key klone overdrive pedals on the market.

We dialled in three popular go-to settings on the original Klon Centaur but even though one of them is often called a 'blues-rock' setting, we wanted to avoid that style of playing as there's so many demos out there with it. 

Direct comparison is tricky in that pot values differ, sometimes between two of the same model pedal, but we wanted to give a flavour of where these three sit for different applications. 

Find out more from Andertons about the Wampler Tumnus, Ceriatone Centura and Warm Audio Centavo

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