Klon designer Bill Finnegan to launch new YouTube live stream series and hints at new pedal production

(Image credit: Future)

Not only has Klon designer Bill Finnegan announced a new YouTube live stream show about the legendary overdrive pedal, he's hinted there may be new production on the horizon.

The designer posted an update and audio clip on his Instagram page. "Hi everyone - letting you all know about the first Klon livestream event, which will happen on the newly-created Klon YouTube channel this coming Friday September 3rd at 9:30pm ET: some listening, and then an update that I think will be of interest."

In the audio clip above Finnegan confirms that the update relates to KTR production – the Klon overdrive pedal that was launched in 2014 at a relatively affordable $269 after the original Klon Centaur was discontinued in 2008. Prices for the latter have been skyrocketing since and the KTR is also in high demand. 

Regardless of new supplies, the live stream should be a fascinating insight into the fabled pedals with the man behind them. At this time a link to Finnegan's new YouTube account hasn't been provided but we'll update as soon as we have it. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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