Joyo Audio brings nine types of reverb to the party with the Atmosphere stompbox

(Image credit: JOYO Audio)

Joyo Audio has unveiled the R-14 Atmosphere, a digital reverb effects pedal that has nine types of reverb and is suitable for electric guitar and bass.

The nine reverbs are accessed via rotary dial. Choose from Plate, Church and Spring reverb if you are looking for something old-school, or Eko-Verb for an effect that combines echo with a repeated reverb. Things then get a little crazy.

There is Shimmer reverb for that Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois vibe, Comet reverb, which drags a spaced-out trail behind your signal, Rewind which reverses the reverb, and the really weird such as Forest and Pulse – reverb types that defy language. Indeed, Joyo describes the former as "a sunbath in the forest."  

Here's the demo video for a better idea.

Controls-wise, there are knobs for mix, decay, tone, and a modulation effects depth. The trail function switch eases the transitions between switching the effect on and off. 

The Atmosphere is powered by 9VDC, weighs in at a quarter of a kilo and packs a lot of functionality into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

The pedal costs $89, €88 (£76.03 approx). See Joyo Audio for more information.

Jonathan Horsley

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