Progressive instrumental guitarist Jakub Zytecki's new song is worth the 'Wait'

Jakub Zytecki
(Image credit: Jakub Zytecki / YouTube)

When descriptions of Jakub Zytecki use the word 'experimental' it's in the truly progressive sense; like Plini, his tones and approaches have an otherworldly sound that feels unfamiliar but somehow welcoming. This is not a 'bet you can't play this' technical workout but expressive and original guitar music, and his new track Wait is a great showcase of an exciting talent who is just getting started. 

"Wait is a second track taken from my upcoming record, scheduled for early 2023," explains Jakub. "For some reason I've been always gravitating towards that thin line between hope and resignation, and I feel like this album is all about it emotionally. It's beautiful, it's loud, yet at times meditative. I just can't wait to send it out to the world. It's almost there."

Jakub Zytecki will support Plini alongside Owane and Jack Gardiner in Europe and the UK in March and April 2023. More info

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