It's time for some pedalboard chill as KMA Audio Machines launches the super cool ltd edition Cirrus ICE reverb/delay

KMA Machines Cirrus ICE Limited Edition Spatial-Temporal Modifier
(Image credit: KMA Machines)

KMA Audio Machines has given its flagship delay/reverb pedal an all-new look, refinishing the Cirrus ICE Spatial-Temporal Modifier's enclosure with a stunning winter landscape.

The Cirrus ICE, launched today, is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, and is just the thing for adding some modulated ambience to your avant-garde cover of Bing Crosby's White Christmas or waft of arctic repeats to Slade's Merry Xmas Everyone.

But returning with the same cornucopia of features that graces the regular Cirrus, this is a pedal you might want to keep on your 'board the whole year round.

For those not familiar with the setup, the Cirrus ICE features delay on the left-hand side of the pedal, reverb on the right, with three modes for each and a number of adjustable parameters. 

While there is a lot to get into, the controls are intuitive enough that anyone with a working knowledge of a delay or reverb can get started quickly.

There are your typical Time and Repeats controls for the delay, with Decay and Damp for adjusting the character of the reverb. You can dial in up to 1.5 seconds of delay, with tap tempo to set the time. Switch up the order and put reverb into delay for a more out-there effect.

The delay effect has a modulated mode that can offer some subtle tape echo warble or full-on pitch manipulation. There is a Sample and Hold (S/H) mode for adding a synth-style quality to your repeats, while the OCT mode brings in an octave-up shimmer.

KMA Machines Cirrus ICE Limited Edition Spacial-Temporal Modifier

(Image credit: KMA Machines)

Reverb is given a similarly expansive treatment. It, too, has a modulated mode, with additional Low-pass Filter (LP) or a closing High-pass Filter (HP) for adding unique textures that respond to your picking dynamics.

As with the original Cirrus, there is an expression pedal input and an effects loop for incorporating other effects to augment the repeats – why not add a Muff-style fuzz to your repeats? Why not indeed.

The Cirrus ICE is made in Germany. You'll need a 9V DC supply to make it work and it'll draw around 220 mA. Priced £179 it is available now.

See KMA Audio Machines for more details.

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