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IK Multimedia‘s Uno synth editor promises seamless control and deep programming

IK Multimedia has released the editor for its first ever hardware synth, Uno, which will run on Mac, PC and iOS.

As well as working as a standalone application, the editor will also runs as a plugin (VST, AU, AAX), so you can seamlessly integrate Uno with your existing digital setup.

Incorporating the look and feel of the hardware, the software editor opens up all the parameters on the interface. Any changes made on the editor will immediately affect the synth in realtime and, and changes on the synth will be tracked on the editor immediately.

Presets stored on the Uno Synth, a Mac/PC, or an iPhone/iPad can be loaded into the editor for further refining. Edits can be saved directly in the editor, or loaded back into the Uno Synth, computer or iPhone/iPad. When used with a DAW, the Uno Synth editor will also recall settings from the previous session.

Further preferences for things like MIDI routing and knob behaviour options are located in a dedicated menu, and you’re also able to configure your Uno synth to be used as both a MIDI interface and MIDI controller.

The software is free and available to download from the IK Multimedia website (opens in new tab) and Apple App store (opens in new tab).

Simon Arblaster
Simon Arblaster

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