How to start two-hand tapping on an acoustic guitar

Elixir® Strings artist Maneli Jamal is a superb acoustic guitar player – using a wide range of techniques to enhance his original compositions. Although two-handed tapping on an acoustic may seem advanced to many players, Maneli shows us in the video above how to make it easier for guitarists to get started.

As the Canadian musician explains in the tutorial, acoustic players can make two-handed tapping more accessible by fitting a capo on the second fret. This effectively lowers the action of the guitar to make tapping easier. 

Maneli breaks down the technique of two-hand tapping by explaining the roles of each hand separately; one to create a bassline and the other to play a melody on the higher strings. You can download the tab for the lesson below. 

Elixir® Strings / Maneli Jamal

(Image credit: Elixir® Strings / Maneli Jamal)

Maneli Jamal uses Elixir® HD Light .013-.053 Phosphor Bronze strings with NANOWEB® Coating. "Elixir® Strings inspire me to pick up my guitar more because of that rich tone that we all want out of our acoustic guitars," he says. 

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Download the tab for the lesson