How to enhance your chord and solo guitar playing with double stops

Double stops aren't just for blues guitar– they're a highly effective and adaptable way to enhance your electric and acoustic solos and rhythm work. In the short video lesson above, Austin-based Americana musician, guitar teacher and Elixir® Strings artist Mandy Rowden gives you an insightful introduction that will help you get started with double stops today. 

A double stop in guitar is simply playing two notes simultaneously, and Mandy's step-by-step tutorial shows how you can use these two-note shapes in all 12 keys to move between chords and add interesting licks to your solos.

Mandy Rowden

(Image credit: Mark Maryanovich Photography)

In addition to recording three solo albums, Mandy founded the successful Girl Guitar rock school in 2007 after a decade as a guitar teacher. She plays 12-53 Elixir® Acoustic Phosphor Bronze strings with NANOWEB® Coating and 10-46 Electric Nickel Plated Steel strings with OPTIWEB® Coating.

Elixir® Strings

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"Elixir Strings give me the polished sound I love and a level, smooth playability I don't get anywhere else," says Mandy. "Plus the long shelf life allows for an ease of maintenance that I've come to depend on."

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