How the JBL PRX ONE will transform your next set

Woman playing guitar with the JBL PRX One
(Image credit: JBL)

Good sound goes a long way. From splashy DJ sets to enterprising musicians, the right sound equipment creates a better experience for all.  The new JBL PRX ONE from Harman is an all-in-one powered PA with an acoustically optimized column array featuring a 7-channel digital mixer, a full suite of professional DSP, class-leading audio connectivity, Bluetooth functionality and universal app control. With this audio powerhouse, you’ll be able to deliver big front row sound to every person in the room, at any volume with no distortion.

Could it be too good to be true? 

JBL has established itself as a leader for its professional solutions for varying sound scenarios from concert halls to intimate venues, ballrooms to auditoriums for anyone who demands best-in-class power, acoustic performance, and creative control for performances and presentations. At 55 lbs, it’s easily portable to take from gig to gig, or to leave in a permanent  installation, while still offering premium power and performance.  Gone are the days of complicated and lengthy set ups, or dragging around tons of expensive equipment. In one streamlined package, stack both linear arrays on the woofer and plug in. The self-contained PA system includes a mixing board, amplifiers, and speakers  plus the ability to recall previously used settings. 

Here’s how investing in this full-featured PA can help you make the most out of your next performance. 

Create your signature sound

From beginner level presets to advanced user functions that let you customize your entire sound systems thanks to the full suite of iconic dbx and Lexicon audio effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, echo, compression, limiting and gating, you can control every aspect of your experience across seven channels, dual operating mode to control bass, mid, treble and effects.  You’ll never feel restrained with the generous inputs for four microphones, two instrument lines, plus bluetooth connectivity  or an aux input. It even has two USB ports to simultaneously charge or power any devices. 

Woman djing and speaking into mic with the JBL PRX One

(Image credit: JBL)

Be heard loud and clear

The PRX ONE delivers a stunning 130 dB of wide, full-bandwidth coverage with consistent front-to-back throw, thanks to some sweet specs like custom-engineered 12-tweeter column array featuring JBL AIM acoustic technology, 12-inch bass-reflex subwoofer with frequency as low as 35 hertz, plenty for kick drum and bass guitar, and built-in 2,000-watt (peak) amplifier with power factor correction and high-linearity inductors for clean, efficient system power, superior headroom, low THD and protection from voltage spikes. All this high power efficiency will sound great at any volume, even 130 db.  The high-frequency drivers have copper-capped pole pieces to minimize distortion and instead offer a smooth, natural high-frequency response. No cringe-inducing mic feedback here. 

One touch Ducking by Soundcraft ensures your sound is always heard clearly. It’s a type of side-chain compressor most often used to lower the level of music playback while a person is talking into a microphone. 

Stay connected

The mixing board is at your fingertips with the accompanying JBL PRO Connect app via Bluetooth, letting you control with your mobile device, well, anywhere. It works with both iOS and Android devices. Here, you can access every single feature that’s on the LCD dashboard and be able to connect and name up to 10 units. Another advantage of the JBL Pro Connect app is that you’ll have access to app-only features like delay tap tempo and whole speaker snapshots. Looking to pinpoint a particular PRX One out of many, you can also isolate your desired unit to light up to reveal itself. The app makes it easier than ever to effortlessly and quickly create pro-level sound effects for all, that can benefit everyone from the rookie performers to seasoned musicians.