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Have Supro and Keeley just designed the most pedal-friendly amp yet?

New York amp legend Supro and effects guru Keeley Electronics have teamed up to produce a guitar amp designed specifically for use with pedals, the Supro 1970RK Keeley Custom.

The 25W combo features a preamp and two-band EQ designed specifically for gain pedals running in the front of the amp, while a transparent effects loop is on hand for delays and reverbs.

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A 12AX7 tube preamp can be wound up via a volume control, while a master is on hand to adjust the Bruce Zinky-designed cathode-biased Class A 6V6GT power amp.

Finally, there’s a CR10 speaker onboard, which promises “deep bass response with perfectly voiced highs” to provide “unparalleled performance” from a portable 1x10. Big talk indeed.

The Supro Keeley Custom is available now for a reasonable-for-Supro $799 - see Supro USA for more info.

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