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Hands-on demo: we might have lost the Road Worn models, but Fender's Vintera range still hits the spot

Simon Arblaster and Michael Astley-Brown hit the sauna-like humid conditions of the MusicRadar studio - hence the amount of leg on display, for which we're truly sorry.

Fender announced the Vintera range, only last month, made up of 21 electric guitars and basses, designed to replicate models from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Out of the range we cherry-picked a Telecaster, Jazzmaster and Stratocaster, becuase we simply don't have the room for all 21. All the guitars boast period-correct neck shapes and new Tim Shaw-designed pickups with decade-specific tones.

Watch a near tearful demo as we bid Mr A-B farewell in his last outing for MusicRadar in the 'hands-on' den, before he embarks on a new role with our sister guitar brand, Guitar World. Although we have the sneaking suspicion he'll be gracing our bijou studio again in the future.

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