Hands-on demo: Fender's American Professional II could be the last guitar you ever buy

If there's one thing we like to bang on about when checking out a new electric guitar is its versatility. Oh and we love talking about weight, but that's low on our list of priorities here.

Perhaps one of the most versatile guitars ever made has to be the Stratocaster and you'd be forgiven that Fender's best-known marque has been refined to the point where it has nowhere to go. Not so when considering the quality of the Corona-based firm's output in the past few years.

The latest development is an update to the American Professional range and this time we're seeing some of the best features trickle down from the Ultras that makes us think that if there's the right configuration for you, then you might find that an AP II model might well have everything you need.

From the new V-Mod II pickups that promise vintage warmth and crisp clear sound to the 'special electronics' that deliver more tone in a variety of ways, depending on the model and configuration, there's something here for anyone looking for a jack- master-of-all-trades. And that's before you get stuck into the abundance of choice when it comes to finishes.

Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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