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Z.Vex launches versatile Woolly Mammoth 7 fuzz pedal

Z.Vex's long-running, low-end-enhancing Woolly Mammoth fuzz is a perennial favourite among bass and guitar players, who will be delighted to hear that Z.Vex has upgraded the format with a host of new features - enter the Woolly Mammoth 7.

Key among the new additions is a Marshall-style tone stack with bass, mid and treble controls, and the entire tone stack can be switched in and out via the pedal's tone footswitch for on-the-fly fuzz tweaks.

Two volume controls adjust the levels for tone stack on and off settings, while Pinch controls the pulse width and Wool adjusts the fuzz - the finishing touch is a rather snazzy Plexiglas window, which allows players to see exactly what's going on inside the pedal.

The handpainted Woolly Mammoth 7 is available now from Z.Vex for $499.