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Xotic Effects announces Wah pedal

It's rare that you see a knob-less wah pedal these days, but the Xotic Effects Wah has more flexibility than most.

The Wah features fully adjustable wah-Q and bias controls, plus a two-band EQ with 15dB boost or cut for honing your ideal wah tone, while internal controls include input gain and internal dip switches to adjust the wah resonance frequency range.

Other features include gold contact relay true bypass for improved reliability over standard 3DPT switches, a 20 per cent smaller footprint than conventional wah enclosures, plus a buffering circuit for use with fussy fuzzes, and even a self-lubricating nylon bushing pivot to keep squeaks to a minimum, as well as fully adjustable rocker tension.

The Xotic Wah is $295 MSRP - check out the Xotic website for more.