Who is the greatest Strat player of the 21st century?

Alex Turner flying the flag for the Strat in the new millenium
Alex Turner: flying the flag for the Strat in the new millenium.
(Image: © Tim Mosenfelder/Corbis)

Who's the greatest Stat player ever? It's a simple enough question, but a tough one to answer.

So far, our Strat player poll has raged through the swingin' '60s and the hard rocking seventies, sped through the shred-tastic '80s and moped through the grungey '90s. Now, we're into the 21st century.

Who gets your vote for the best Strat player of the new millenium? Anyone who has championed the Strat since 2000 right up to the day is valid for this one.

Vote below, and don't forget you can add in your own nominations at the bottom...