VIDEO: David Lee Roth interviews Eddie and Alex Van Halen - Part 2

Doing the math on Van Halen s first record deal
Doing the math on Van Halen's first record deal

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a video in which David Lee Roth interviewed Eddie and Alex Van Halen, asking about their childhood and how they came to play music. Now you can check out a continuation of that dialogue above.

In this new installment, the three bandmates discuss the businesses Starbucks and McDonalds are really in - and then they get down to strolling down Van Halen memory lane, talking about their first record deal and early record making before bringing it around to how the new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, took shape.

Speaking of A Different Kind Of Truth, you can read our track-by-track review right here. Van Halen kicked off a North American tour in support of the album last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.