VIDEO: Crushsound Farmer's Mill unboxing and hands-on demo

This machine kills guitar tone in a thoroughly satisfying way
This machine kills guitar tone... in a thoroughly satisfying way!

We first heard about the Crushsound Farmer's Mill earlier this month, and simply had to get our hands on a unit and try it out for ourselves.

Any pedal that promises to introduce noise from "delicate vintage radio/vinyl dirt" right up to a "fully crushed and demolished sound" has to be worthy of investigation, so when the Farmer's Mill arrived, we wasted no time and plugged it in...

In the video above you'll see us unbox the unit and you'll also hear it in action. We ran the pedal in front of a Blackstar HT-1R combo straight into GarageBand with some additional EQ and fuzz and put it through its paces.

Check it out and let us know what you think. We've heard rumours that some seriously big names are taking delivery of their very own Farmer's Mills soon, but in the meantime you can hear it here on MusicRadar. Sit back and enjoy the chaos...