The Kinks confirm new material, seek "underdogs"

Ray Davies
Ray Davies

Frontman Ray Davies has made no secret of his desire to reform The Kinks - not for a trip down nostalgia lane - but to record new material. Now, Davies must be a happy man: the band are writing together again with the hope of recording a "collaborative" album…

Ray Davies checked in with the BBC: "We've started a little bit of this and that, but it is too early to judge the quality. It depends if there's good music. We want good new music. I'd like to do it as a more collaborative thing than we used to do."


Davies sited Snow Patrol, Razorlight and one or two "unsigned" talents as potential collaborators: "I don't just want to do usual suspects - I'd love to do something with Johnny [Borrell], but I'd like to find new bands. Unsigned even. I usually like the underdogs."

Oh, and hooking up with rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry wouldn't hurt, either: "I've never met the man but he was one of my heroes as a lyricist. We'll see how it works out - a mixture of Snow Patrol and Chuck Berry. It should be an interesting record."

An interesting combination indeed. Let's hope Borrell and co are up for it. If not, Davies could always ask The kooks…

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