TC Electronic releases free TonePrint Editor software

The much anticipated TonePrint Editor - now available from TC Electronic's website
The much anticipated TonePrint Editor - now available from TC Electronic's website

The long-awaited TonePrint Editor software is now available for free download from the TC Electronic website.

As we've often mentioned in our various TC Electronic TonePrint pedal reviews, one of the best features of its pedals is the ability to load new customised settings and/or parameters from the firm's website into the physical pedal.

The new free-to-download TonePrint Editor hands players the keys to the castle by allowing them the chance to create their own TonePrints, side-stepping the preloaded paremeters and starting from scratch on the pedal's tone. Call it thinking outside of the stompbox [sorry].

According to TC Electronic's press release, everything from an effect's individual parameters to the physical controls they're routed to on the pedal can be tinkered with, which is a glee-inducing prospect, we think you'll agree.

Check out the video below for an explanation from TC Electronic, complete with added soundtrack and cool Danish rock-types.

The TonePrint editor software is compatible with both Macs and PCs. Download the TC Electronic TonePrint Editor software and manual here.

While it's installing we recommend you email your family and explain why you won't be able to spend any time with them in the coming weeks.

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