Studio Devil launches Virtual Guitar Amp II

Studio Devil has announced the release of its new amp modelling software Virtual Guitar Amp II. With 18 improved preamp models, VGA II aims to offers versatile and authentic tones to suit any style of playing.

VGA II utilises Studio Devil's proprietary digital vacuum tube modelling technology to provide convincing Gain, Bass, Mids, Treble and Presence controls true to genuine tube amps, along with access to 20 cabinets from Red Wire Impulses' Redwirez impulse collection.

VGA II also includes Tremolo and Chorus effects, as well as an Echo Modeler and 'World-Class' reverb supplying a duo of delay potential.

Studio Devil promises VGA II's flexible controls and endless tonal possibilities are bolstered with the simplicity of its interface, and thoughtful necessities such as the inbuilt chromatic tuner and master volume control only add to the resourcefulness of this plug-in.

Studio Devil VGA II costs $79 to new users, but is available to owners of VGA 1.x or Amp Modeler Pro for just $29.

Sound tempted? Download a demo of VGA II at Studio Devil Site.