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Source Audio grows app-compatible One Series with three new guitar and bass effects pedals

Source Audio's One Series may appear to be populated with regular four-knobbed stompboxes, but the use of SA's Neuro Mobile App provides massive tone-tweaking potential - and now, three new pedals join that flexible fold: the LA Lady Overdrive, Kingmaker Fuzz and AfterShock Bass Distortion.

Each pedal offers three onboard modes - overdrive, fuzz and distortion - but the LA Lady focuses on overdrives across the gain range; Octavio-style octave fuzz is the Kingmaker's game; while the AfterShock deals in low-end drives of all kinds.

Activating the Neuro Mobile App offers additional EQ settings, noise gate control and routing options, as well as access to Source Audio's library of over 40 overdrive, fuzz and distortion engines, which can be downloaded to the pedals.

Dual drive engines and stereo inputs and outputs provide various stacking combinations in series or parallel, plus signal splitting, and full MIDI compatibility is also available via the Neuro Hub.

The LA Lady Overdrive, Kingmaker Fuzz and AfterShock Bass Distortion are all available now for $209 ($149 street).