Rush's Alex Lifeson talks about his other great love: wine

This is also the same face Alex Lifeson makes when he drinks bad wine
This is also the same face Alex Lifeson makes when he drinks bad wine

Can't decide what to get Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson for Christmas? A bottle of red is a good way to go. If you've seen the documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage, you know from the dinner scene at the film's conclusion that Lifeson and his Rush bandmates do enjoy their vino - the trio go through bottle after bottle, getting sillier and funnier with each popped cork.

Turns out, Lifeson takes his wine quite seriously, and he's featured in two editions of Drink Bravely With Mark Oldman, short videos on the website of wine expert Mark Oldman, who has written several books and hosts a public TV series called The Winemakers.

In the first episode (seen above), Lifeson is interviewed in his home wine cellar. During the segment, he explains the origin of 'The Lifeson Ledge.'

In part two (seen below), Lifeson talks about the week-long winemaker 'internships' he and fellow connoisseur Geddy Lee did at Joseph Phelps Winery and at Turley Wine Cellars. He fondly recalls how, after one particular 'crush,' he and Lee were so covered in grape juice that they were mistaken for Napa locals at a nearby eatery.

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