Rotosound rolls out six new pedals

Rotosound has announced six new guitar effects pedals in the wake of last year's successful launch of the RFB1 fuzz.

The stomp boxes include the Wobbler tremelo, King Henry phaser, Pusher compressor, Crusader chorus, Aftermath delay and Leveller EQ, and join the existing RFB1 Fuzz to bring the full range up to seven pedals.

The new additions follow the design of the original RFB1 Fuzz, and aim to replicate the sounds of the '60s with their hand-wired build. They'll be hitting shops in September, giving you plenty of time to perfect some suitably sixties-y chops.

For more information, visit the official Rotosound website.

Rotosound press release

It started with just one metal box full of electrical components born in the Sixties. A chance email from a long standing customer who made us aware he had a bone-fide Rotosound Fuzz Pedal harking back to an era long since gone and dating from the late 1960's. The seed was sewn - what if we were able to replicate the original and stay faithful to both the design and build.

Enter Dr Barry Pyatt - a gentleman with both the pedigree and experience to oversee the rebirth of an iconic, first generation UK fuzz pedal. Fast forward to 2012 and the Rotosound vintage reissue fuzz pedal - The RFB1 - a dead-ringer visually and sonically which has had a fantastic reception worldwide. Tone conscious players such as Richard Fortus and Scott Holiday of The Rival Sons now have their own RFB1's firmly fixed to their respective pedalboards.

Which got us thinking some more...

There is a common saying within the rock and pop fraternity that if you can remember The Swinging Sixties then you weren't really there - John Oram WAS there and fortunately for us he CAN remember it in precise technical detail. Armed with a soldering iron and half a century of in-the-field experience John set to work designing six new pedals for us covering a wide pallette of tone tweaking effects.

The brief was simple - these pedals had to sound as though they have been in gig bags and flight cases for more than four decades. Components had to be carefully selected to ensure period accurate sounds project forth when called upon - authentic 60's design techniques using today's technological approach was our key objective.

And so, after some fifty years in the making, and 9 months of team development we are please to announce that our six new hand wired pedals will be available worldwide from September.

The Wobbler tremolo pedal has a smooth range control of rate and depth, vintage optical attenuator and unique control of its silicon and germanium signal paths. This provides a variety of sounds that captures a vintage valve amp tremolo tone.

Making it easier to sweep through the entire audio range from shimmery to vibrant, twisting to resonant guitar is the new King Henry phaser pedal. This comes with PEAK, a control for the wider ranging of phase effects.

Next is the Pusher compressor pedal. Its audio dynamics controller provides noise reduction helping to get a more transparent tone and help increase sustain. It aids the preservation of that essential essence of the string being plucked.

Allowing chorus effect to be mixed from minimum to maximum with LEVEL control is the Crusader chorus pedal. This makes guitars sings with sparkly, lush sounds that have a rich smooth quality.

The hybrid Aftermath with its warm analogue delay and precision digital circuitry gives superb modern control and fine-tuning capabilities helping to emulate a retro delay tone.

Perfect for tone shaping is the Leveller EQ pedal. With its silicon and germanium signal parts it provides constant bandwidths on either side of frequencies. With a choice of Boom, Fuzz and Honk options, there's a wide range of tonal options available.