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Palmer launches new 3-Easy router

PRESS RELEASE: Palmer presents the 3-EASY, an economy version of the Triage router, guaranteed to leave an impression.

Featuring the renowned quality of our T-Series it switches the input signal (e.g. that of a guitar) between 3 outputs. For increased dynamic response and headroom the 3-EASY steps up the 9V power supply to approximately 30V.

Switching is silent and instantaneous - this is achieved by processor controlled long-life micro-switches while the actual footswitches serve as mechanical triggers only. Input and outputs are set to unity gain while output is lo-Z to prevent signal loss in FX chains and long cable runs. Outputs 1 + 2 are floating and electrically isolated by a high quality transformer to eliminate ground loops (most competitors sell this feature as an accessory only). Since guitars need to be grounded for proper shielding output 3 is non-isolated.

When used to connect a battery powered tuner, output 1 can be grounded via a sliding switch. The discrete Class A FET input amplifier is similar to the input stage of a hi-Z tube amplifier.

Due to increased power consumption the 3-EASY is not battery operated, and as most pedal boards feature a 9V power supply, it comes without a wall wart. Palmer power supplies are available as accessories - the single output PW9V, or the universal pedal board power unit PWT12 with 6 x 2 isolated outputs.

For more information about the Palmer 3-Easy, visit their website here.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Palmer

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