Ovation VXT Hybrid guitar

The acoustic that thinks electric. Or vice-versa.
The acoustic that thinks electric. Or vice-versa.

Why haul two guitars to a gig when you can do the same job with just one? The Ovation VXT Hybrid might be the only guitar you'll ever need.

In our 2007 year-end roundup, we briefly mentioned the Ovation VXT Hybrid, but because it's such a stunning synthesis of the acoustic and electric guitar, we wanted to shine a brighter light on this wondrous instrument. Tonal diversity is what it's all about with this powerhouse guitar. Pan from stunning acoustic sounds to hard-driving electric power chords with one fast turn of the output blend knob. The output blend is completely variable so you can combine electric and acoustic sounds for individual mixtures and richly complex textures. With the stereo cable (included) the output signals can be split for even more flexibility.

Electric sounds are provided by two Seymour Duncan '59 humbucking pickups that deliver the power to cover a wide range of styles. The VXT's acoustic sounds are supplied by Ovation's Virtual Image Processing (VIP) preamp. This advanaced acoustic sound imaging technology enables players to dial in natural, studio-quality acoustic sound with unlimited headroom and no feedback hassles. The acoustic preamp is fed by a Fishman Power Bridge. The VXT is crafted with a solid spruce top, chambered mahogany body joined to a mahogany set neck and rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. The back is sculpted for comfort and the body is extremely feedback-resistant, perfect for playing live.

With a list price of $2,599.00 U.S., it's not the cheapest guitar on the block. But when you consider the fact that it's two instruments in one, the Ovation VXT Hybrid looks like quite a bargain.

Be sure to check out some YouTube Ovation VXT Hybrid videos here.

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