On the radar: Stealing Sheep

Target: Stealing Sheep


Location: Liverpool

Personnel: Emily Lansley (guitar and vocals), Rebecca Hawley (keyboards and vocals) and Lucy Mercer (drums and vocals)

Intelligence: "I'm just going off to get all these materials to make a Papier-mâché creature," says Stealing Sheep guitarist Emily Lansley when Musicradar catch up with her. "It's called the Diamond Eater, and it's a big mad creature that absorbs diamonds. It's for the video for our next single."

It's a pretty spot-on introduction to the world of Stealing Sheep, a three-piece girl group from Liverpool whose psychedelic folk has been bewitching a growing number new devotees since the release of debut album Into The Diamond Sun in August. The best bands create their own universe, and Stealing Sheep do exactly that, inviting you into a surreal dreamscape sound-tracked by three-part harmonies, beautifully wonky guitar lines and handclaps.

"We don't share a lot of similar tastes to tell you the truth," says Emily. "I've always been into Captain Beefheart, Can. Becky was always into electronic sounding music, she's quite experimental with that side of it. And Lucy's into gypsy Balkan music, so I guess it's a bit of a combination."

It's a combination that's put them in high demand: "It's been completely manic, really busy but it's exciting," says Emily. "We're going on tour with Alt-J in November, and that's a nine-date tour, then we go on our own headline tour."

Hardware: Strats played clean with plenty of whammy bar, cannibalised drumkits (heavy on the toms, played standing up), psychedelic synths.

Further action: Check out the official Stealing Sheep website, Facebook and Twitter.