NAMM 2017: Shergold Guitars return with 3 Masquerader electrics


NAMM 2017: Founded in 1968, Shergold Guitars found fame at the hands of Genesis, New Order and Joy Division during the '70s and '80s, but thanks to Barnes & Mullins and luthier Patrick James Eggle, the brand is set to return for 2017.

The initial launch is based around the Masquerader model shape, which comes in three pickup configurations and four finishes.

All model options pack a solid mahogany body, with solid rosewood neck and fingerboard, custom-designed bridge, locking tuners and Eggle's choice of Seymour Duncan pickups.

Pickup choices include the P-90-equipped Masquerader SM01SD (£765), HSS Masquerader SM02SD (£835) and SSS Masquerader SM03SD (£809). Finishes are Thru-Cherry, Thru-Black, Thru-Dirty Blonde, Solid Battleship Grey.

The three variants begin shipping in late January 2017 - head over to Shergold Guitars for more info.